Sunday, May 12, 2024

Intellectual Properties Yard Sale by John Patrick Robbins

I believe I will trademark my demons and write a book on how to properly open portals to hell.

Simply start a publication and run an open call for submissions.

Be honest and await the torments to begin.
Hang around long enough and become as twisted as those you equally despise.

Gain some nonexistent ground.
Mad are the editors who will easily fathom this truth.
If someone has to ask:

“Hey man, care for a drink?”

Then you aren't in the ever-so-vicious circle.
Be grateful and shut the fuck up and kindly leave me the fuck alone.

JPR is a Southern Gothic writer. His work has appeared here at Disturb The Universe, Fixator Press, Lothlorien Journal Of Poetry, The Dope Fiend Daily, Horror Sleaze Trash, The San Pedro River Review, Spillwords Press, and Svartedauden Zine.

His work is always dark and unfiltered.