Friday, May 10, 2024

12 Steps by Cat Dixon

Like a kite string cut and discarded,
a holy sheet ripped into a rope,
a blueprint of our past lost
in the cabinet of archives,
she followed me down.

Like a rehab center that profits
off repeat customers,
parents who practice the art
of terrible parenting,
a brass bell on the reception desk
that has lost its tongue,
she followed me down.

Like an operator that refuses
to patch through the emergency call,
a water bottle filled with vodka,
a water tower that crashes to the ground
and floods the small town,
she followed me down.


Cat Dixon is the author of What Happens in Nebraska (Stephen F. Austin University Press, 2022) along with six other poetry chapbooks and collections. She is a poetry editor with The Good Life Review. Recent poems published in Thimble Lit Mag, Poor Ezra’s Almanac, and Moon City Review.