Friday, October 27, 2023

Worm Moon By JL Huffman

red wrigglers

                full moon
                pulls on tides
                unsettles minds

defecate, aerate

                wilding unleashed
                loups-garous emerge
                mutilate, feast

boost nascent growth

                night crawlers
                writhe through remains
                revert stiffs to dust


JL Huffman is a retired Trauma Surgeon/ICU doctor with three published poetry books Almanac: The Four Seasons (2020), Family Treasons (2021), and Voyage: Vista and Verse (2022). Individual poems have appeared in The Pharos, Asahi Haikuist Network, Haiku Dialogue, Poetry Pea, Cold Moon Journal, The Pan Haiku Review, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Paddler Press, and others.
Website; Twitter @JoanHuffmanMD