Tuesday, October 24, 2023

I was 28 By Alan Catlin

and living the good
like working the hot-
supper club

Was basking in
the glory of being
everyone’s favorite

Even the cops liked me

Smokies hung there
then and once word
somehow got around
I’d published a little
some of them wanted
to tell me stuff

Attica stuff:

Stories about all
those mutilated on the yard
bodies, gang rapes
and torture chambers
that used to be cells
and the equally as awful
retribution exacted later on

Stuff they wanted
ghost written in blood
Stuff that was so outside
my skill set I didn’t want
to think about any of it
I had to stop listening,

Had to turn them down

Sometimes I wonder if
they ever found someone
who would listen

if they ever
slept at night


Alan Catlin has published in journals from the days of the mimeo revolution, in small press venues, to larger, more mainstream presses, to the internet poetry journal scene. He has three full length collections coming out in 2023 from Kelsay Books, Impspired and Roadside Press.