Sunday, May 19, 2024

Legacy by Wayne Russell

Life, reduced to a pile of photos,
and it is written; just seek, and it
shall make itself known.

Bits of poems, scattered and flung,
throughout the memoir of your life;
beneath this finished terminus; this

pyre, a compilation of dust and ash,
your life, living on in the vacarious
eternity's domain; a vault, a tomb an

urn; and the crows that are singing to
keep your memory company; when
visitors are nought.

The stars are dumb and numb, just
knowing that nothing lasts forever;
no, not even the sun that shines;

or wars, that are fought; nor the child
that is born; a catalyst of fertility for
generations yet to come.


Wayne Russell is a creative writer that was born and raised in Florida, he moved to Ohio in late 2016. His first book of poems, "Where Angels Fear" was published by Guerilla Genius Press in 2020 is available on Amazon; his second book of poetry is titled "Splinter of the Moon" and will be available via Silver Bow Publishing in early 2024.