Friday, February 23, 2024

Death Valley Seems An Understatement By Gerard Sarnat

Aptly named Furnace Creek CA, Torahs
in arks and normally Ethiopian Jew aardvark
skulls registered astonishing 129.9 degrees
Fahrenheit [54.3°C] at 3:41 PM PST Sunday,
August 16, 2020 -- which got rounded up to
130 in a final kosher report from NOAA*.

Above may have been the hottest reliable
temperature on record in all of world history,
eclipsing previous readings that include
Death Valley 1913, Libya 1923, Kuwait
2016…which measurements were later
officially decertified (2013) by WMO**.

Such said, belts of uninhabitability in swatch
between Middle East and East China regularly’ll
be dry as sub-Saharan bones (or horrible monsoons)
within that range so this Hebrew assumes our panting
alphabet soup gumshoe bureaucracy will soon declare
arc of new climate change losers, share lost leaders.

Exceptions now rule, can Noah float another boat?

* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
** World Meteorological Organization

Gerard Sarnat MD has authored four collections: Homeless Chronicles: Abraham to Burning Man, Disputes, 17s, Melting Ice King. His work’s been published by Review Berlin, New Ulster, Gargoyle, American Journal Poetry, Northampton Review, New Haven Institute, Vonnegut Journal, Poetry Quarterly, Buddhist Poetry Review, Free State Review, Texas Review, San Antonio Review, Poetry Circle, MainStreet Rag, NewDeltaReview, Brooklyn Review, LA Review, Monterey Review, SF Magazine, NYTimes.