Friday, December 22, 2023

Madness By JPR

It's hard to admit you no longer resonate with people as I prefer to spend my hours in either nature or a cemetery.

I've always loved both.
I love solitude, I love the peace and quiet.
As people make little to no sense to me.

Their logic, their insane amounts of jealousy and odd concern over what others have, and furthermore what they do not.

The need to bash anything that does not resonate with their standard of what is their so-called norm.

I do not like people and that alone makes them think that somewhere deep down I desire their company.

In life, you sometimes meet that one person who speaks his mind.

And for that, some would say I need help.
As for those who believe this I would reply.

Like you don't?

John Patrick Robbins was here.
I know, it disappoints me, too.