Tuesday, December 5, 2023

First Day At The Fast Food Restaurant By Juanita Rey

The guy is twice my age
and shameless.
How do I recover from
“You’ve got a big ass.”

A sleazy confrontation
in the refrigerated room –
to my coworker,
I’m a piece of meat.
May as well freeze me,
stick me with the patties.

Another girl says,
“Tell the manager
and he’ll laugh right in your face.”

This is my first day of work
in this place.
A beginner’s job
and it feels like I’m even
lower than that.

When my shift is done,
I trudge home
feeling as empty
as my purse.

I take a shower
to wash away the disgust.
The water’s as stifling
as unwanted company.


Juanita Rey is a Dominican poet who has been in this country five 
years. Her work has been published in Mixed Mag, The Mantle and The Art Of Everyone.