Friday, November 24, 2023

Jealous Much? By Ruby Mohan

Wonder what happened?
The sun torched summer,
Dismissive of a July rain;
When the wind’s sundress of breezy chiffon
On sudden damping turned see-through

All worked up, radiating heat.
Demeanor prudish, stern.
Star ablaze with existential angst
Wildfires informed us of
Jealous love in hiding.

Raindrops braved sparks singeing fingertips
Charry ash drift graying broom and gorse
Meerithic impulse ignited; still, I waited
for psithurism to whisper clues.
Who can ask the wind who her heart favors?

The raindrops trickling
suddenly silenced.
Weighting down languid air
Humid heat clawed out, ripping open
Its heart birthed a dark emotion.

Unappeased, Sol ablaze
Speared through tree canopies
Reiterating, “I burn, burn, burn.”
Who for?
How do I help it?


Ruby Mohan is an American writer, humorist and poet of Asian Indian ancestry. Her cosmopolitan literary works are informed by transcendentalism, science, logic, and ethics. Her award-winning poems, admired for their feminism, are published in literary journals worldwide. She straddles two continents with homes in Chandigarh (India), & Texas (USA). Twitter: @RubyMohans Instagram: rubymohans Facebook: Author Ruby Mohan