Friday, June 16, 2023

Mother Mary by A. R. Tivadar

Romania is a very religious country.
There are statues of the crucifix at the entrance of every city
​and there are four bibles in my home:
​one black, one green, one blue,
​and the one with a red cover is from my mother's mom.
​My mother prays to the Virgin Mary more than any other figure.
​She prayed when she was struggling to get pregnant with my elder sister
​and when she was born she gave her the middle name Mary.
​One Easter there was a movie on TV about the last days of Jesus Christ
​and the actress who played Mary was Romanian.
​My sister and I watched it
​and seeing Christ tortured made me nauseous.
​One time at school we were crafting with paper.
​One of my classmates' mother and I share the same name.
​He scribbled a cross on a scrap of paper.
​When it was time to clean up, he was hesitant to throw the paper away
​because it would mean throwing the cross in the garbage.
​There is a Catholic cathedral in my city.
​My mother and I are Orthodox,
​but we visit it sometimes because it's pretty.
​The painting of the Virgin Mary has her wear pale pink and green.
​In other churches I saw it deep red and blue.
​My sister found out she was pregnant around Christmas
​and her due date was in the middle of August.
​On August 15th is the Feast of Assumption,
​when the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven.
​My sister gave birth to a baby girl on the 18th
​and her middle name is also Mary.
​My mother and I went to the Catholic cathedral
​And thanked the Virgin Mary for my niece.

A. R. Tivadar is a hobby writer from Romania and a graduate of the University of Oradea. She has been published in underscore_magazine and has self-published stories on twitter: @artivadar | instagram: @a.r.tivadar